Home & Community Tuition

As a remote tuition service, we work very hard to adapt the structure and location of our provision to suit the circumstances and educational needs of the student.

As a flexible and bespoke tuition service, we work very hard to adapt the structure and location of our provision to suit the circumstances and educational needs of the student. Whether tuition is for one hour or up to eighteen hours per week (our maximum), we work with the student, their parents/carers and other professionals to build a package of educational support that best achieves the mutually agreed upon outcomes of the tuition.

In many instances the learner’s home is the most suitable location for tuition, and we work with parents and carers to set up a timetable that works best for the student and their family. Our education packages can include a range of professionals (for example a different subject specialist for each subject being studied and a learning mentor), or just one professional delivering the curriculum where this may be more appropriate for the learner.

When tuition inside the home is not appropriate, we work with referrers to locate an alternative location for tuition within the community.

We are also able to offer online and not-in-person tuition support and work creatively to provide access to education for those learners who do not have a laptop. 

As part of our commitment to inclusion and achievement, Young Giants is also a registered centre for ASDAN qualifications and Arts Awards.

Reasons tuition inside the home may not be appropriate can include:

  • It is not possible for an adult to be home during tuition times
  • The home is too small or contains too many distractions
  • The learner will not respond well to professionals working with them inside their own home
  • The outcomes of tuition are focussed on school transitions and it is felt that tuition outside the home is the best way to achieve these.

Community locations for tuition can include:

  • Local Authority owned/managed buildings such as family assessment centres
  • Children’s centres
  • Youth centres
  • Libraries


Depending on the age and needs of the learner, a staff to child ratio of 2:1 may be required, and this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Some of our packages offer a teaching assistant as the second professional, allowing for a safer working environment and the ability to guarantee 1:1 with the child at all times. We conduct a full risk assessment prior to each engagement.

We understand that consistency is essential if a child is to build up a positive relationship with learning and re-engage with education. We make it our priority to place children with tutors who will remain dedicated to the assignment for the duration of the commission.

CASE STUDY  Young Person in KS4

Child A has been out of school for 18 months. Suffering a family breakdown when he was in Year 9, he moved to Italy to spend some time with relatives. During this time he lost his school place and upon his return to the UK a year later experienced some difficulty in acquiring a new school place due to his diagnosis of ASD and record of aggressive behaviour.

Child A was referred to Young Giants for a 15hr per week home education package. Due to the fact that Child A’s parent worked full-time, we were not able to support him inside his own home. Working with Child A’s social worker, we arranged for a no-cost hire of a sports facility in a local university and a classroom in a local authority owned family assessment centre.

Working with two separate tutors on different days of the week, Child A is now studying for his GCSE Maths, English and Physical Education. His tuition also incorporates an element of academic mentoring to help keep him focussed on his future and committed to his learning. We will book an exam centre place for Child A if he is not placed in school by the end of Year 11. We will support his transition to further education with visits to his future college and by sharing our student progress reports.

CASE STUDY – Child in KS2

Child B has recently settled in the UK and requires a place in a special school. While a suitable placement is found, Child B has been referred to us for 18hrs of tuition per week. Child B cannot have tuition inside his home as it is too small and houses an elderly relative with a heath condition.

Working with the child’s case manager we hired a classroom in a local youth centre and provided a QTS SEND Teacher and a Teaching Assistant for 3 full school days per week (9am to 3pm). The youth centre is very well facilitated with sports hall, teaching kitchen, media room, music room, art room and so tuition is structured as a typical school day, accommodating subjects across the curriculum and incorporating a range of activities.

Child B has EAL and has missed significant amounts of schooling and this intensive tuition arrangement has shown rapid progress in terms of his language acquisition and familiarisation with daily education structures and the British National Curriculum.

Sometimes Young Giants uses the same centre for different children and on these occasions we are able to risk assess the possibility of affording some peer interactions.