Academic Mentoring & School Transitions

Working to embed the Growth Mindset into all tuition

While academic attainment is essential for the wellbeing and personal development of all children and young people, in some cases a person may need some support to build a positive relationship with learning before they are ready to study.

Many of the young people we work with have disengaged from education after suffering negative consequences and are of the belief that learning is not for them.

Working to embed the Growth Mindset into all tuition, our tutors focus on building intrinsic motivation and developing a child’s self-confidence and sense of agency.

Taking a student-centred approach, outcomes may begin with a child engaging positively with an educator and move towards the child discussing their learning and working collaboratively to build their next/overall outcomes.

We understand that consistency is essential if a child or young person is to build up a positive relationship with learning and re-engage with education. We make it our priority to place learners with tutors and mentors who will remain dedicated to the assignment for the duration of the commission.

School Transitions:

We offer school transition support by tutoring some children away from the home in venues within their community. In these cases, we support children for full school days and timetable their tuition in the same way as a school. We work hard to locate well-resourced education venues and where we are tutoring more than one child in the same venue, we risk assess the possibility of peer interaction.

In some circumstances we can arrange for two or three students to take part in a joint field trip with their tutors. This can be particularly useful for children who are needing to build skills in mixing with peers.

We are also able to support children with a staggered introduction into school, accompanying them into classrooms/buildings where schools feel this is appropriate.



As part of our commitment to inclusion and achievement, Young Giants is a registered centre for ASDAN and Arts Awards. These nationally recognised courses, qualifications and awards enable our learners to progress through pathways even when they are temporarily out of an education setting. ASDAN and Arts Awards focus on recognising skills that exist beyond the National Curriculum and can have a significant impact on a learner’s self-confidence and self-motivation within education.